When I was 6 years old I took my first photograph with a plastic "Diana" camera my parents had given me. It may have been the best gift they ever gave me because I grew up with a camera in my hands, and I’ve been shooting ever since.

My passion for photography grew in high school and college, and I photographed everything I saw, including family, friends and nature scenes. I came to realize I had a gift for capturing the magical moments of life and recording and telling stories through photos.

I've never stopped shooting. Whether it's with my professional cameras or my point and shoot, I can't get enough of it. I have been fortunate to photograph some amazing things, places, faces and events all over our country and around the world. My camera has been my trusty companion on my journey through life.

A few years ago after visiting an out of town friend, his young daughters began to ask their dad when "The Photodude" was going to take their pictures again. The name stuck - I think it's pretty cool.

Over the years the technology has changed, but the formula for a great photo hasn’t. The goal of all my images is to evoke emotion, freeze a moment in time, or tell a story. Let me do that for you.

Thanks for visiting my site and allowing me to share my passion with you.

Mike Ross
The Photodude